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An ongoing theme for me are all the trees in my area, Perthshire is known as big tree country and for good reason! I have hardly scratched the surface as virtually all these shots are my immediate area of Kinloch Rannoch and I have yet to spread my wings finding other areas as its still work in progress where I live. One big advantage is literally stepping out my back door when conditions are right and within minutes I am amongst wonderful surroundings.. In particular is The Blackwood of Rannoch, a remnant of the ancient Caledonian Forest that once covered much of the Highlands, its a place I can go to get absorbed in its own unique character, the different seasons giving a different feel and look. Even the Forestry Commission sites have something of interest and an atmosphere all of their own.

If you would like to purchase any of my images contact me -

printed on fine art cotton based A2 paper.

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