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Stunning sunrise

Mornings like this don't happen very often and when they do its all too easy to miss because of the unearthly hour it happens..! I have been waking early most mornings anyway because of it getting light and the dawn chorus. A quick check out of the window around 3.45am and the clouds looked promising so it was a case of jump out of bed and get kitted up and head out in the hope of a worthwhile sunrise. As I am staying by the river Tay its not far to wander to capture the sunrise, it was a little breezy so the water was not still as I preferred also there was a power line going across the river so it meant positioning myself to keep it out of frame. The best of the light and cloud formations lasted for about ten minutes and this pic was taken at 4.26am, after that everything returned to normal and seemed a bit mundane for any more shots..!

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