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Deep winter

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I am out most weeks with a camera because of where I live but most of the time it's just with a compact camera (Canon G5X ii) it gives good enough results and I post a lot on the Rannoch group page on Facebook with them, I also use them for my greeting cards or calendar shots in my gallery. It saves a lot of wear and tear from using the DSLR and certainly a lot less bulk when out and about on local walks or the mountain bike. I save the proper camera gear for the right conditions these days and the last week has been superb so the 5D mkiii has had a lot of use, one day in particular was at first glance nothing special but I set off for Loch Laidon as I knew it would be frozen in the hope of patterns of ice on the loch and around the rocks. On the way I passed the smaller Loch Eigheach and straight away I pulled over as it looked fabulous with all the cracked ice everywhere. The water levels had been quite high and then it froze because of the prolonged cold spell, the water levels are controlled by all the hydro stations in the area so it dropped by several feet by the looks of it creating these wonderful conditions. The day was overcast and it was light rain and sleet while I was shooting so had to constantly keep my lens clean depending which direction I was facing. I ended up spending about 3 hours here until the light was starting to fade, this was one of those moments where I got lost in time, Loch Laidon can wait for another day..

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