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I am fortunate where I live to have more freedom than most during these times of lockdown. Living in a remote area keeping a social distance is not a problem, in fact you have to go out your way to meet people. Yesterday I went out on the mountain bike to an area I hadn't been for quite some time, the snow we had was now clear on the roads so it was easier and safer to get about on the bike and as usual just had the compact camera with me but conditions were better than expected as I climbed the hill and ended up in the mist and I knew I could get some worthwhile images to be used for my fine art prints for exhibitions when we can have such things again that is.. so having taken a few images I cycled back home which was about 4 miles away and got the proper camera gear out and then drove back to the location, I would have cycled but I didn't want the mist to lift and miss it! Everything seemed to come together with how the conditions were and I could see compositions wherever I went, it seemed like every few yards a picture presented itself to me. I knew this would produce some good material for my b&w minimalist collection. Sometimes though I look through the viewfinder and think yes, I like this, yet when I get it on the computer it loses something, but then other images then suddenly take me by surprise after viewing them on the big screen after the viewfinder didn't show as much promise. One thing I have noticed is how much more contrast is on the LCD screen on the camera compared to my iMac. The first image below was the one that actually stood out on the camera screen as well as the computer screen. This was a worthwhile morning.

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