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At the end of the day.

Its not always about great light at sunrise or sunset, even rainy days make a picture, after a recent run of good weather it had been light rain and overcast all day but calm with it. By the evening as dusk fell the birds were in full song as if nothing else mattered singing merrily away even though they must have been wet through, the lack of wind added a peaceful ambience so i decided to go for a walk and took the camera just in case. I walked across the Logierait bridge, an old railway bridge over the river Tay that is now community owned for the locals to use with the rails removed and now replaced with heavy timber to take light traffic, its a great spot for watching wildlife (a pair of otters were a recent highlight) or seeing the changing weather conditions in the distance. As the evening got slightly darker the greyness was broken up by lights from the few houses along the river, I carried on walking and seeing the farmhouse across the field with the opposing angles of the tree lines receding into the mist adding a sense of depth and of the fact there are hills hidden in the murk.. The warm glow from the window light totally makes this picture and it was taken just before 10.00pm as it stays so light this far north. Hand held at iso 400, 125th @ f1.8.

The Canon 85mm f1.8 is my favourite lens and the cheapest in my collection.. it is lovely and sharp wide open and for a shot like this depth of field is not a problem is its all distant objectives. I used the window to focus on as it was difficult to accurately focus in the murk then recomposed, this is actually 2 shots stitched together to give more of a wider view than the 85mm would allow.

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