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Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year again.

For the 2nd year running I have once again been awarded the same runner up spot in the landscape category for the 5th edition of the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year. I only entered 7 images in total this time and 3 made it to the shortlist which is a lot better than last year where I entered a lot more.. This location was not available until the end of 2017 when the forestry cleared all the trees on the hillside opening up the view and also making it more accessible with a camera and tripod. I would never have tried when all the trees were as they completely blocked the view that I never knew existed and they were an impenetrable force anyway! It has now become a go to place when I think conditions are right and they certainly were during the autumn and this particular morning there had been some fog patches in the freezing conditions and when the majority of it lifted it left a layer on the water and the trees had been nicely coated in a hoar frost.

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